Friday, October 15, 2004

Consider This An Early Christmas Gift

Dear J List,

It's been fairly obvious to me for quite some time that a great many people ON the list don't actually take the time to read the newsletters. To them, I'm as good as spam mail, taking up valuable Inbox space and usually deleted without a second thought. To others (this may include you) , I'm an occasional kind of thing (i.e. you'll read the newsletters if they're not too long.) And then of course there are my loyalists: the people who read the newsletters over and over and then save them in special folders marked "J" or "Greatest Letter Writer Ever" - depending on the level of devotion.
Realizing these things, I've finally done the unthinkable and started a blog. This will allow those of you who really want to keep up with me a chance to read my ramblings without having to worry about Inbox space. To the ones who didn't want to hear from me, it's a way for me to politely drop off the face of the earth. And to everyone else - strangers wandering in from cyber-space and the like - it's sort of a hello. So, hello.
This is my gift to the J-List: a more convenient me. I hope you'll check back with me from time to time and leave responses. Done properly, this could be a great way for some of you to meet my other friends you're not acquainted with, not to mention a great online forum for that elite social circle known as "the Group", which notoriously has trouble keeping up with one another.
Here it is, y'all. J in blog form. Merry early Christmas.


Blogger Long-Haired Mess said...

J, I followed in your footsteps and began a blog (actually the only way I could respond was by creating a blog. So mine is at

Not nearly as exciting, yet refreshing in its own way. Kinda like Crystal Clear Pepsi and Big Shot!

7:57 AM  
Blogger Sister Sunshine said...


I never heard of the J list... but it's always nice to stumble across someone interesting on the 'net. That's why I go blogsurfing. Welcome to blogland!

: )

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

worst blog evAr imo

jason is also what you might call a 'gimp' but i dont hold it against him. <3

by the way, this blog made me hard -- just in a bad way. like that "i was just thinking about my mom during a very hormonal period of my teenage years" type hard.

i win

4:22 PM  

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