Monday, May 16, 2005

9 Days and Counting...

Today, dear readers, is May 16th, which means we are now a mere 9 days away from that most hallowed of occasions. That great colossus among days. That moment in time, celebrated every year on May 25th, which takes its rightful place amongst powers and principalities and the feast of the Venerable Bede. I'm speaking, quite obviously, about "J" Day (i.e. my birthday.) Now, as part of my ongoing campaign to become less annoying/more adult-like, I've decided not to send out my traditional daily reminder e-mails to everyone this year. Instead, I'll simply list my thoughts concerning the upcoming festivities here on my blog. These will appear every day until the 25th, so please check back if you feel so inclined...And I do so hope you feel so inclined.

Starting things off now - I was having lunch with my co-worker cohorts here at Chaffe this afternoon, and it's more or less been decided that this year's birthday will find us returning to Six Flags for a day of fun, followed by a very long night out on Bourbon Street. The way I see it, I'm not just celebrating my birthday: I'm celebrating the completion of my first feature-length film, a year without another heart attack in the family, and the opening of the year that will see me returning to school to begin work on my Masters. So, why not make it big? (You know me. I played a dwarf in "Snow White" when I was 8, but I sure wasn't Bashful*.)
Obviously, my friends, you are all invited to take part in these festivities, but I want to lay down a few ground rules about Six Flags before anybody gets any big, bright ideas:

  • This year at Six Flags, all keys, cell phones, change, and/or any other loose articles will be placed in one of those lockers you can rent when we first walk in. This will prevent a recurrence of last year's notorious "Oh shit! I think I just lost my keys!" incident. (Leo Olivier, this means you.)
  • Anyone wearing any sort of back brace which isn't supposed to get wet will have the express pleasure of sitting and watching while the rest of us go on the water rides. This, I believe, will prevent the early departure of dear friends whom I don't get to see often enough. :(
  • Heckling people who happen to resemble Eminem will not be tolerated this year, though of course it will make for great laughs in our little circle. (Nothing personal, Ash - it was EXTREMELY funny - I just can't risk getting the crap kicked out of me by some little thug for the sake of you getting a few laughs. hehe)
  • I am hereby REFUSING (in print and in public) to go on any sort of roller-coaster ride with my older sister, Katie. Love you like a sibling, Katie, but I've got legs and a reputation to protect. (The "legs" comment is in reference to the fact that you dug your nails into my knee last year while screaming and crying for me to "make it stop". Not since the Great Bike Crash of 1988 have my kneecaps taken that kind of punishment.)
  • Lastly, "going to church" will not be deemed an acceptable reason to cut out of the Six Flags brewhaha early. Given that all of this is going on over the course of a Saturday and church is open all day on Sunday, there's a perfectly good way to fit everything in. Believe me, God loves a good party.

That's pretty much all I've got for now, kids. Tune in tomorrow when there will only be eight days left to go.

* For 5 points, can anyone name which dwarf I DID play the part of when I was 8?


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