Sunday, January 02, 2005

A Busy Day to Start a Busy Year

Ah, 'tis a gentle Sunday afternoon here in the Crescent City, and as the Mac and the Munchkin idly sleep their days away, I, J.Wiltz - being the industrious sort of person that I am - have taken it upon myself to see just how much I can get done today. It's only 1:35 as I sit down to update this blog posting, and already I've gotten up, taken a shower, watched my Netflix and gotten them ready to be sent back, changed the headlight and tail-light that were out on my car, gone shopping at Target, made a very important phone call, and gotten a pile of clothes together to take to the laundromat. Later today I'll be doing laundry, finishing the first book in Lemony Snicket's "Series of Unfortunate Events" (gonna need that second one soon, Jonathan, so hurry the uck-fay up), making a list of significant wardrobe items in "Pink", putting together a resume' packet for one of our location holders, getting my hair cut, grabbing lunch, taking Mac to run some errands, and of course going to 5:30 Mass...But before I do all that, dear friends, I wanted to take a little time out to wish all of you a very happy New Year and to send you and yours my absolute best in 2005.

Speaking for myself, I can honestly say that this year has kind of snuck up on me without warning. I'm sure most of you are well-aware by now that I moved to New Orleans during the summer of 2003, and ever since then I've had a pretty difficult time telling one day from another. It's like 2003 and 2004 were one really long, blurry year that's just now coming to a close, and 2005 is what's emerging from the fog. I don't know. Maybe I'm waxing too poetical about it all, but thus far it seems that I've been trying to get to 2005 for quite some time. And here it is.

Why have I been looking forward to this year, you ask? Well, because if I'm not mistaken (and if all goes according to plan), the filming of "Pink" will officially begin sometime within the next couple of weeks. Yes, after a lengthy audition process (and an even LENGTHIER selection process), our entire cast has been put together and is now in the process of learning their lines...or, at least, they BETTER be (hehe). The lead role, for those of you who are curious about such things, ended up going to a model/actress named Christie Jackson, who came to us via a talent agency in Memphis. A real team player, Christie has agreed to dye her hair black and to travel to New Orleans in order to film her scenes. (In my experience with the fairer sex, this kind of cooperation is indeed a very rare thing. hehe Thank you, Christie.)

Sadly, several friends of mine were also cut from the final cast, including my beloved ex-fiancee Wendy and my little sister A.C. With the whole world watching, I want to take the opportunity right here and now to publicly apologize to both of you and to thank you for being so cool about everything when I explained it. I'm also declaring as a matter of public record that the next Apartment 86 film project will feature characters which have been tailor-crafted just for the two of you. So, you may have to wait, but you will not be forgotten. (Especially you, don't get any crazy ideas about killing me in my sleep or anything.) *nervous smile*

I think I had more to say, but I don't really remember what it was now. Something about people-watching at Target or something. Nothing that can't wait until later. So for now, merry belated Christmas to anyone I didn't touch base with and, again, my best to everyone in 2005. There's going to be a lot of communication from me this year, so keep those cell phones on, those inboxes empty, and this blog of mine on your list of Favorites.

'Til next time, kids, here's J sending this smile over to all of you.

*J signs off, lighting a candle and observing a moment of silence for the victims of the recent tsunami disaster in south Asia.*


Blogger Long-Haired Mess said...

Jonathan finished up the second book, so don't let him convince you otherwise. Did you hear about the independent film maker (hence known as "guy") that was going door to door selling his film. He walked around carrying a laptop and showing people the film. Supposedly it worked pretty well. Just an idea for marketing . . . that and a limited edition Christie Pez dispenser.

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