Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pilgrimage to the Windy City

So Keith calls me up last week and he says, "J., hey, what are you doing next Wednesday?"

I say, "Nothing set in stone. Probably writing a little. Maybe doing some more of that photography I told you about. Why? What's up?"

He says, "Okay, cool. Well, don't make any real plans. We're going to Chicago."

"Oh, rock on," I say. "I've always wanted to go to Chicago."

"Well, we're going."

So, that's the plan today. Yes, by the time most of you read this, my dear friends, I'll already be sitting aboard the City of New Orleans (we're taking the train), watching the scenery roll by as Keith and I make our way to the Windy City.

We're not just going on a crazy whim, though. Keith got something worked out with his magazine and the Mississippi Tourism Commission to go up there and cover the Chicago Blues Festival. I'm not really sure of the details. All's I know is, we're interviewing people, doing some filmwork at the festival, and I'll probably end up writing an article or two before the whole thing's said and done. More importantly, I know that all of our expenses are paid. :)

So it's the blues that bring us to Chicago, but of course you all know what I'm far more interested in, as far as the music scene goes:

Yes, Chicago is home to the only band that really matters. And after years of devotion, I'm finally making my pilgrimage to the holy city of Billy Corgan. This should inspire me for years to come.

Both Giuliano and my mom have expressed a certain envy at the way things always seem to kind of haphazardly fall into place for me. But, what can I say? Fortune favors the bold. God has a special love for His restless ones. And I believe in the resolute urgency of NOW.

So I'm off, dear comrades, and I take all of you with me in my thoughts and heart.

"forgive and forget me
appease and relent me
deceive and detect me
understand and release me
to the dawn"

More from me when we make it back...
Now bring me that horizon.


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