Wednesday, June 18, 2008

#4 - What Else Can I Say About Edie?

Oh boy...Edie's gonna hate me for this. Technically, she qualifies as #4 on this year's J.Day MySpace Countdown. The thing is, I've already written a long-ass blog about Edie (she just loooooves to see her name in print). You can find it right here. We haven't made many new memories in the last three years or so, so this pretty much covers it all.

One thing I will tell you, though (and I'm saying this with a sense of humor, Edie) is that Edie is the only friend I have who has invited and then UN-invited me to her wedding. Not sure exactly what the circumstances were, but I remember receiving an invitation and then getting an e-mail a few days later saying "Sorry! We've invited too many guests..." or something like that. hehe I'm glad it happened that way. Makes for a better story.

Hope all is well, Superstar.


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