Thursday, May 27, 2010

The First Annual J. Day Jager Shot Slideshow

To celebrate J. Day 2010, I asked my friends and family to send pics of themselves toasting me with my signature shot, straight Jagermeister (or "J"-germeister, as my nearest and dearest refer to it). They didn't disappoint.

Garrett wins double points for flashing his metal horns while drinking Jager straight from the bottle.

Missy keeps it classy and subtle with a simple smile and a nice birthday backdrop (special thanks to the makers of Microsoft Word)....Wait a minute...Missy, are you drinking at WORK? hehe

As with my "Quotable Peeps" blog, this one will be updated as I receive and upload more pics. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped to make the first round of J. Day 2010 one of my very best birthdays yet. Can't wait for Round 2 out in Dallas.


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