Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Locations and Props

I'm not sure how many of you will actually care about this sort of thing, but for those of you who do, I thought I'd go ahead and post a copy of the locations and props list for Pink. This is a copy-and-paste job, so the spacing may be kind of weird when it appears on the blog.
It's funny, really. When you're working on a script, you just sort of take it for granted that a character will have this, that, or the other. It's only when you're settling into pre-production that you say to yourself, "Oh yeah! We better get one of those." hehe Enjoy. (Special thanks to Patrick Christ - pronounced "Krist" - our new prop-master.)

1. Opening Sequence – Happy Guy and Happy Girl

Location: Biloxi beachfront
Props: None.

(This opening is not necessary for the movie, so we may not film it. If we do, I’ll take care of it myself. It won’t require any funding or props.)

2. Monica

Location: Large home in New Orleans (all of Monica’s scenes will be shot in New Orleans)
Props: Sunglasses, wall decorations, coffee cup, cell phone, apple, pink bowl, microphone, lamp, American flag (a little one that can be waved), letter, large dry erase board, markers, pointer, copy of Ulysses

(I’ll know about the vampire house within the next week. I’m putting together a packet to present to the owners so they’ll know who we are and what we’re doing.)

3. Ashley and David Sequence

Location: Uptown coffee or Coffee Bistro
Props: None, except for coffee cups, etc. provided by the coffee shop

4. David and Leisa Sequence

Location: John D. Williams library
Props: Bookbags (Leisa’s should be pink), textbooks, folders, pen, and a pink highlighter.

5. Ashley and Leisa in Ashley’s Bedroom

Location: a room in a Campus Creek/Sterling-type apartment setting
Props: Portable phone, wall decorations.

6. International Coffee Sequence with Ashley and Leisa (Page 6)
Location: An outside table at Uptown Coffee or Coffee Bistro
Props: Coffee cups

7. Jackie and Unsuspecting Guy

Location: Fountain outside John D. Williams library (daytime)
Props: Bookbag, paperback copy of Queen of the Damned, sunglasses, textbook, pen (pink), scrap of paper

8. Olivia and Ben Sequence

Location: Proud Larry’s? Two Stick would be good for this.
Props: Cell phone

9. Alan and Mia Sequence

Location(s): Keith Sisson’s house (opening) and Old Venice
Props: nice two-seater car, flower arrangement, pink candle or flowers for center of table,
prescription pills.

10. Jennifer Anne and Tony Sequence

Location: Oxford Square Townhouse apartment
Props: movie, popcorn, pink bowl, stuffed animal (dog), portable phone, cell phone, flannel
shirt (Kurt), torn jeans (Kurt), long stringy blonde wig (Kurt).

11. Mary Marie Sequences

Location: Monica’s home, Oxford Square Townhouse-style apartment
Props: flowers, picture on dashboard, table, stuff to knock over (whatever it may be), portable

12. Tiffany and Caleb Sequence

Location: Keith Sisson’s bedroom
Props: King-sized pink sheets/bedspread, matching curtains and tapestries, bunny ears, red
cape, boxer shorts, Vaseline, candles (pink), cd player.

13. Dusty and Megan Sequence

Location: A guy’s apartment (Gregg’s would suffice)
Props: checkbook

14. Cryssie and Exploited Guy Sequence

Location: The sidewalk outside Neilson’s and inside the store as well, a mailbox on the street
Props: shopping bags, money, sunglasses, jewelry, necklace, checkbook, credit card statement

15. The Party Scene

Location: A Sterling/Campus Creek-style apartment (2nd or 3rd floor)
Props: wrapped birthday present, Spunky hat (I’ve got it), colored glasses/skater pants/shirt/wallet chain (for Spunky), Happy Birthday banner, cd player, cell phone, Kleenex, assorted beer bottles/alcohol, keg, plastic cups, ice chests, shirt for Neil.

16. Brooke and Preston Sequence

Location: Burgundy Room (first choice) or Beacon
Props: leather-bound planner (Jean-Claude)

17. Heather and Brian Sequence

Location: the running track with the pond
Props: lotion, scrunchee

18. Lucy Break-Up Speeches

Location(s): outdoor picnic table overlooking Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, a
restaurant parking lot.
Props: sunglasses, water bottle, birthday hat, rosary.

(My aunt is taking care of the locations for Lucy’s scenes. No need to worry. She’s got friends who own property all over New Orleans.)

19. Jenna Sequences

Location: a bathroom in any apartment will suffice, a guy’s apartment in a Sterling/Campus
Creek-style setting, parking lot outside the old Kroger
Props: make-up bag, sunglasses, four-door car, tire iron, baseball bat, crowbar

20. Mindy and Michael Sequence

Location: A girl’s apartment in a Campus Creek/Sterling-type setting
Props: magazine (Y’all), camera, lingerie make-up, pictures.


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