Wednesday, June 18, 2008

#1 - The Things We Do for Angie

"You're far away from me, my love.
But just as sure, my baby, as there are stars above,
I wanna say, I wanna say, I wanna say
Someday we'll be together."
- Diana Ross and the Supremes

Occupying the #1 spot on the J.Day Countdown is the fire of my loins, Angela "Angie" Bovenkamp. You may remember my first mention of her back in November of 2006. Now, almost two years later, I'm convinced more than ever that Angie is a cruel joke the universe has played on me. Why else would such an incredible specimen of woman - headstrong, creative, intelligent, and beautiful - be situated five states away? It's like asking why the stars are out of reach.

Let me tell you what she did for my birthday. For about a year now I've been talking her ear off about how much I'd like to visit Edgar Allan Poe's gravesite in Baltimore (a hop, skip, and a jump from where she lives). So, when J.Day rolled around, Angie took a weekend trip to Baltimore, snapped some awesome black-and-white photos of Poe's headstone (her photography is truly sublime), and then arranged it in a shadow box along with the quote "Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears."....I won't hesitate to call it the single most thoughtful gift I've ever been given. And, naturally, I proposed marriage to her when I got it in the mail. She said "Okay" (the object of much ridicule in every conversation since), but I'm not sure how serious it was. Guess we'll have to wait and see. If she shows up for her visit next month and wants to talk about bridesmaid dresses, I'll know it's for real.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "J, you do that whole fake relationship thing with everyone. You have fake kids and fake ex-wives and fake divorces ALL OVER THE PLACE. You even put a fake engagement announcement in the paper once!" Yes, all of that is true, dear readers. I can't deny any of it. But I say it here in print for all to see: Angie is one of five people I could actually see myself making a real future with. I mean, just look at the pic above - the one where she's smiling coyly while wearing the James Joyce shirt I got her for Christmas. Be still, my heart. There's nothing quite as endearing as someone who's willing to go along with interests they don't even share for the sake of making you happy.

I should also mention that Angie is an incredible writer (a compliment I don't hand out very often or without good reason). One of our first bonding points was a blog she wrote entitled "Rejected On the Metro" -- that damn thing could be published. And in fact, it was once read on a radio show. Needless to say, the business side of me sees dollar signs all over it. That's why I plan to publish Angie's photograpy and memoirs through Gemini Hills Publishing. She thinks I'm joking and/or talking out of my ass, but seriously, I'm going to make her very wealthy someday.

It's rare that I gush like this. But then, Angie is a rare woman. And because I'm always giving her shit about her long pauses (an inside joke) and infidelity, I thought I'd do something different today. This one's for you, Mama Bear. "If I could, I would give you the world." Muah.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

J, as always, I enjoy your writing! This blog tugged at my heart though, you genuinely have feelings for this girl (and she likewise - that is, feelings for you, not herself), maybe you should look for jobs near where she lives and consider moving closer to her. Just a thought.

11:04 AM  

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