Monday, February 07, 2005

"Come On. Be Romantically Self-Destructive With Me."

She's mad at me this morning - at least, she sounded that way in her voice mail. She said I should have made more time for her this weekend, "but I guess you were too busy doing nothing." So I called her back, a little defensive, and said she'd have to understand that everything I'm doing here I'm doing for her. "I'm putting all of this into a movie so I don't have to put it into real life. It's catharsis for me. I'm exorcising old demons so I can come to you with a clean slate." She said it was too early in the morning for that kind of abstraction...I love it when she says stuff like that. Then she said she needed coffee, which made me laugh and call her a Communist. "You think you're so clever when you say that," she said, "but it doesn't really make any sense."
Pride effectively wounded now, I tried to change the subject and told her how I'd had breakfast at Faulkner's grave on Sunday morning. Donuts and milk and a copy of "Mosquitoes" - it was exactly what I needed. And I swear I could hear her rolling her eyes as she told me how amazed she was that I had time to have donuts with a dead man, but not to give her a simple good morning call. "It's your worst hypocrisy," she said. "You expect so much but give so little. You think I'm some kind of project and that you're some kind of privilege." And of course I had nothing to come back with that wouldn't sound egotistical, so I simply told her that I had to get ready for another shoot and apologized: "I'll try and make it up to you. And when I can, I will." This is the poetry that comes from squaring off and circling.


Sorry I had to put all of you through that. My thoughts are getting away from me this morning, and I'm not really talking so much as I'm blurting stuff out. Nonetheless, we had another great weekend of filming this week, despite the fact that we had to push one scene back.
Once again, I spent Saturday morning in Jackson with our lead actress, Christie, going over lines and working on inflection. It's funny, the more I read over her character's lines, the more I realize that the narrator of "Pink" speaks almost exactly the same way I do. I'm not exactly sure what that means yet...I'll get back to you. Then on Saturday night I drove on up to Oxford, where I can only imagine that I got really drunk or fell asleep really early, because I don't remember very much of it at all.
So then Sunday morning rolled around, I went to an early mass, had breakfast at Faulkner's grave, and then took pretty much the entire afternoon to get myself in gear for our 3:00 shoot with Winslow Rumph. I'd never actually met Winslow face-to-face before she showed up for her shoot, but she ended up being perfect for the part of Jenna, despite the umpteen-million takes we had to go through before her monologues came out perfectly. (Only picking, Winslow, you did fine.) I especially liked the color of her hair - kind of a reddish-auburn color. It made me think of that lyric from "Jolene": "Your beauty is beyond compare, with flaming locks of auburn hair." (And the moral of THAT story is that I've been listening to the White Stripes WAY too much. hehe)
Later in the afternoon we were supposed to film an apartment scene that featured five different characters, but unfortunately one of our cast members - Karlous, the Angry Black Pizza Delivery Guy - was stranded in Hattiesburg and unable to make it. This event led to the first real conflict Gregg, Kelly, and I have had amongst ourselves: the question of whether or not we should simply replace Karlous with someone else. Naturally, I said no, Kelly said yes, and Gregg was trying to walk the fine line in-between. (I call it "the fine line between common sense and your girlfriend.") By conversation's end, the whole thing erupted into a semi-test of wills. (I've learned that once Kelly gets started, she just DOES NOT WANT TO LOSE AN ARGUMENT!!! hehe) But, in the end a compromise was struck. We're keeping Karlous on and giving it another shot next weekend. HOWEVER, if he's even one minute late to the shoot, we're putting someone else in his place. Needless to say, I'm going to put him on a leash and take him around with me all next weekend. My Pet Karlous. In my humble opinion, he's worth the trouble. To take him out of the movie would be cutting off our nose to spite our face.
At any rate, despite its momentary conflicts, I'd say this weekend was a good one. The cast and crew for the Jenna scene were right on top of things, and that makes everything better. Now I'm on my way back to the Big Easy to celebrate Lundi Gras with some Southern Comfort and Jager...And I don't think I even have to TELL you about tomorrow. :)


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She should feel priveledged that she's your project.

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